Climate change and the role of solar

Millie HennickOctober 24, 20184700

Climate change and the role of solar

The latest climate reports are even more dismal than the previous forecasts. Man-made climate change is a constant peril. Global Warming is the term used to define the rise in the average global temperatures above those temperatures foretold from data assembled over the past years. The effect of global warming has a striking impact on everything from unpredictable weather cycles to the rapid melting of the polar ice caps which means global warming is disturbing the natural ecosystem of the planet. 97% of scientists agree that the earth’s biggest threat to global warming is an increased concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a direct result of burning fossil fuels. Scientists also agree that the use of renewable energy sources (including solar, wind and biomass) as an energy resource, is not the only cleaner for the planet with regards to most fossil fuel pollutants, but its continuous use represents a closed-loop and balanced carbon cycle with regards to the decline of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Dangerous effects of global warming

The most obvious effect of global warming is that the earth is getting warmer every day as the average temperature of the planet slowly rises. We have all seen on the news the melting of the polar ice caps as the temperature rises by about one degree each year. This melting of the polar ice caps deposits enormous amounts of water directly into the sea, swelling sea levels around the globe. Normally, snow and ice reflect most of the sunlight from its surface. Since polar ice caps are blanketed in snow and ice, they can reflect a very high percentage of the solar radiation that falls on its surface.

Global warming is altering the world

Most of the effects of global warming are a consequence of a man burning fossil fuels. It may seem evident that burning fossil fuels is creating global warming. But recent climatology studies have revealed that the sun undergoes an 11-year sunspot cycle which can have a marked effect upon the global climate.

Global warming is killing us

Climate change creates fluctuations in the earth’s atmosphere in which the average temperature of the earth increases, melting ice caps, rising sea levels and has a negative effect on human activity. While the earth’s weather may seem to be unpredictable and continually changing, from a climatic point of view, the earth’s weather patterns with regards to average temperature, days of sunlight, amount of rainfall, etc. are relatively stable and predictable throughout any assigned year.

The constant burning of petroleum oil, natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuel sources produces large amounts of noxious smoke which pollutes the air we breath resulting in the unwanted effects of global warming. One of these effects is the creation of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas is a gas, such as carbon dioxide or methane, that is introduced to the earth’s atmosphere by human actions. These gases trap heat and contribute to global warming.

The Kyoto Protocol, which is an agreement reached by many nations around the world,  for a decrease in the use and burning of fossil fuels intended to reduce the growth of CO2 global greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent global warming.

Make the transition to solar power today! The reports from climate scientists continue to be remarkably gloomy and solar power is one of the few options we have to stop the spread of pollution on our planet. Now is the time to take action! There has never been a better time to go solar!

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