How HahaSmart works

The HahaSmart solar design tool, enables you to design your home your way, in 2-3 min, and provides you 4 quotes with various product combinations. HahaSmart will also connect you with several pre-qualified local solar professional installers. Our low, transparent prices will offer you the highest return.

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How to design your solar home and receive lowest price in 3 min

It’s smart to design your home, your way. Understanding product and installation costs will help you save an extra 20-30%. Go solar with HahaSmart!

Select Roof Type

Important to have appropriate roof selection for proper roof attachment product Details

Create Solar Field and Panel Layout

Draw a plane of the project perimeter, and fill it with solar panels. Details


Design Your Home Now

Position electrical devices

Approximate the placement the placement of Inverter, Meter, and Main Service Panel. Details

Generate Quote

Our system creates 4 quotations based on your design. Details

Introducing dependable and affordable solar. Haha, Smart.

HaHaSmart brings solar innovation to every home and business owner by becoming a direct distributor, omitting any markups. For the first time, the lowest prices in the solar industry are directly available to homeowners ─ with a simple click of a mouse, or tap on the screen.

"I was able to design, create and choose my own solar products, the way I personally wanted. There was no sales man trying to upsell me or mark up my product. I loved the full control I had over the project." Kevin Goodman (happy customer)

"Our house uses a lot of electricity. HahaSmart showed me how much we can be saving, and even getting back for our solar installation. All we did was click a few buttons and a few days later we were saving!" Carol and Brandon Delgado

"We loved the presentation of our project and that we were able to visualize the solar panels on our house before we bought it. Out of all other installers we got the best price here. We might even add on a few panels later in the years." John and Ashlee Preston