About solar battery storage

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About solar battery energy storage  

A battery energy storage system stores clean energy via the use of a battery technology to be used at a later date. Battery energy storage systems are created in one of two ways: a power configuration or an energy configuration, depending on the uses. In a power configuration, the batteries are used to inject a large amount of clean power into the grid in a relatively short period of time, which requires a high inverter-to-battery ratio. In an energy configuration, the batteries are used to inject a steady amount of power into the network for an extended amount of time. This application has a low inverter-to-battery ratio. 
There are a large range of battery technologies. On of the newest battery energy storages is the Battery Energy Storage Skid (BESS) Solution for industrial and commercial application. It  has upgrades to its residential energy product. BESS is a fully integrated battery storage system with PCS scalable from 125kW to 500kW, and energy storage up to 2MWh. Its capabilities include  adapting various energy, power and performance requirements of commercial energy users. As for the residential sector, the renewables energy storage solution combined with  E-series inverters to develop an all-in-one turnkey solution that can be installed in less than 15 minutes.


Solution for differing power needs

The BESS is flexible and scalable of PCS 500kW/ESS 2MWh. It a great solution for differing power, capacity, cycle life needs and created for outdoor applications. Its compact and modular skid-mounted design for cabinet solutions to protected against harsh environmental conditions. The solution gives application advantages for users like optimization of self-consumption from renewable and combined heat and power (CHP) systems, capitalize on grid services, charge management, and backup power supply. The BESS has 3 main parts: (1) battery inverter unit (2) BESS-DC solution and (3) an AC panel to recombine the AC output of multiple inverters. All these parts are factory-assembled and tested, reducing installation time and costs normally associated with field assembly. 

Manage energy output and consumption

Homeowners can now  monitor and manage their energy output and consumption, enhancing the value of energy production from PV panels, reducing price and creating savings with this residential energy storage. The solution is made of battery innovation; E-series hybrid inverters, capable of power backup applications, AC- and DC-coupled energy storage, and microgrid. Its equipped with 15 minute installation through mobile app, One Click service through mobile devices, cloud-based monitoring, auto grid selection, auto PV input detection and "Over-The-Air" software upgrades.

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. Go to and try our price checker tool. It tells you how much solar power you need, and how much you can save. Please visit our solar blog to find out more about the benefits of going solar.


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