National Grid (Electric) Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program

Last updated: May 14, 2019

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Utility
Category:Financial Incentive
State:Rhode Island
Incentive Type:Rebate Program
Web Site:
Start Date:01/01/2015
Utilities:The Narragansett Electric Co
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Refrigerators/Freezers, Water Heaters, Lighting, Boilers, Heat pumps, Compressed air, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Building Insulation, Processing and Manufacturing Equipment, Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building, Custom/Others pending approval, Vending Machine Controls, Commercial Cooking Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Incentive Amount:Vending Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machine: $115 Non-Refrigerated Snack Vending Machine: $45 Glass Front Refrigerated Coolers: $115 Pay for Performance $0.12/first year kWh savings and $1.20/therm saved for low cost/no cost measures EMS Retrofit EMS Incentives: $300/point Hotel Occupancy Sensor: $75/sensor Water Heaters Storage Water Heater: $50/unit - $2/Mbtuh Tankless Water Heater: $0.25 - $1/Mbtuh Volume Water Heater: $0.50 - $2/Mbtuh Indirect Water Heater: $200/unit Food Service Varies Chillers Air Cooled Chiller: $20 - $30/ton + $3.25/ton based on efficiency Water Cooled Rotary Screw and Scroll: $11 - $18/ton + $2.50 - $3/ton based on efficiency Water Cooled Centrifugal: $10 - $20/ton + $1.25 - $3.25/ton based on efficiency Lighting Varies Compressed Air Air Compressor: $100 - $200/hp Refrigerated Dryer: $5.25/unit Storage: $2.75/gallon Condensate Drain: $125/drain Low Pressure Drop Filter: $0.80/scfm Air Nozzle: $20/unit


Technologies:Custom/Others pending approval
Sectors:Commercial, Industrial, Local Government, Nonprofit, Schools, Agricultural, Institutional
Parameters:The incentive is 0.12 $/kWh (1 year), the incentive is 1.20 $/therm displaced


National Grid offers various rebate programs for industrial and commercial customers to install energy efficiency measures. 

Energy Smart Grocer Program provides financial incentives for groceries for high-efficiency retrofits. Incentives are provided for refrigeration, lighting, and food service equipment. List of eligible measures and incentive amounts can be accessed here. For more information, contact 888-683-0483. 

Pay for Performance Program allows participants to identify various energy saving measures and instead of an incentive based on equipment purchases, the program provides incentives based on per unit kWh or therm saved. The program aims to identify and fund projects that have typically less than one year of payback time. Incentives are set at $0.12 per first year kWh savings, and $1.20 per therm saved. Incentives are not to exceed 1st year study, and are paid after confirmation of savings. 

New Construction Program is designed for commercial and industrial customers who are building new facilities, undergoing a major renovation of an existing facility, or replacing failed equipment. The program provides prescriptive incentives (listed above) as well as various technical services to facilitate indentify and install energy efficiency measures. 

Lighting (existing facility/retrofit) program offers technical guidance and financial incentive that cover up to 45% of the equipment and labor cost of installing new, high performance lighting. Incentives are also available for controls and other technologies that increase efficiency. 

Municipal Program provides option for municipal customers to take advantage of enhanced services and incentives for increasing energy efficiency in their city or town. The program provides qualified vendors to work with the town or city to provide turnkey services not limited to- energy audit, turnkey projects for lighting, assistance with incentive application and others.  

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Incentive program provides incentives for restaurant owners and operators to improve efficiency of their facilities and equipments. 


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