PPL Electric Utilities - Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Last updated: May 15, 2019

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Utility
Category:Financial Incentive
Incentive Type:Rebate Program
Web Site:https://www.pplelectric.com/ways-to-save/all-rebates.aspx
Administrator:PPL Electric Utilities
Funding Source:Act 129
Start Date:06/01/2016
Expiration Date:05/31/2021
Utilities:PPL Electric Utilities Corp
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Refrigerators/Freezers, Lighting, Heat pumps, Combined Heat & Power, Other EE, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Incentive Amount:Incentives vary based on equipment type and characteristics. Calculators are available on the program website for actual incentives.


Pennsylvania's Act 129 enacted in 2008, requires the electric distribution companies (EDCs) in the state to develop energy efficiency and conservation programs. PPL Electric Utilities as a part of the Pennsylvania's Act 129 offers financial incentives to improve energy efficiency for non-residential customers in their service area. 

Businesses, schools, government, multifamily housing, and other non-residential electric customers are eligible for the program. Equipment rebates apply to leased or owned buildings, or any mix used buildings in the PPL service area. Electric customer who have different electricity suppliers, but receive an electric bill from PPL Electric Utilities can apply for the program as well. 

The program offers a variety of prescriptive and performance based financial incentives for building controls, combined heat and power (CHP), compressed air, computer equipment, motor and pump drives, food service equipment, HVAC, and lighting. Rebates are calculated based on actual energy savings from the equipment. 

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