Shakopee Public Utilities - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Last updated: June 12, 2019

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Utility
Category:Financial Incentive
Incentive Type:Rebate Program
Web Site:
Administrator:Shakopee Public Utilities
Utilities:Shakopee Public Utilities Comm
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Clothes Washers, Dishwasher, Refrigerators/Freezers, Air conditioners, Other EE, LED Lighting
Incentive Amount:Clothes Washer: $50 Dishwasher: $100 Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: $200 Air Source Heat Pump: $200-$500/unit Ground Source Heat Pump: $100/ton LED Bulbs: $5 LED Holiday Light Strings: $3 Mini-Split Ductless A/C: $200 Refrigerator: $200 Room A/C: $25 Room A/C recycling: $50
Maximum Incentive:LED Bulb: Limit 5 per year LED Holiday Light Strings: Limit 5 per year
Eligible System Size:LED Holiday Light Strings: Minimum of 25 lights per strand


Technologies:LED Lighting
Parameters:The incentive has a minimum of 3.00 $/Unit, The incentive has a maximum of 5.00 $/Unit
Parameters:The incentive is 200.00 $/Unit
Parameters:The incentive is 100.00 $/Unit
Technologies:Clothes Washers
Parameters:The incentive is 50.00 $/Unit
Technologies:Air conditioners
Parameters:The incentive has a minimum of 25.00 $/Unit, The incentive has a maximum of 200.00 $/Unit
Technologies:Heat pumps
Parameters:The incentive has a minimum of 200.00 $/Unit, The incentive has a maximum of 500.00 $/Unit
Technologies:Geothermal Heat Pumps
Parameters:The incentive is 100.00 $/ton


Shakopee Public Utilities offers its residential customers rebates on a variety of energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Rebates are available on a first come, first served basis while funds last for LED lighting, room A/C, freezers and refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, mini-split ductless A/C, heat pumps, and select appliance recycling. All rebate applications must include a receipt that provides proof of purchase (information needed: store name, customer name, date of sale, manufacturer name, model number, and date of installation).  Additionally all appliances need to be ENERGY STAR rated, and if applicable, must have UPC labels; proof of SEER, EER, and HSPF; and proof of recycling.  For specific program details for your town and requirements, and to view rebate application forms, please visit the program website.

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