LONGi Approves 10 GW of Module and 5 GW of New Solar Cell Capacity

PV TechOctober 15, 201946


LONGi Green Energy Technology Co, the largest monocrystalline wafer producer, has recently approved future PV solar panels and solar cell manufacturing plans of 10 GW and 5 GW. The board of directors has approved the investment of $286 million USD in the construction of a 5 GW mono module plant in China.

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LONGi Green Energy Technology Co, the largest monocrystalline wafer producer, has approved future PV solar panels and solar cell manufacturing plans of 10GW and 5GW, respectively. 

LONGi’s Board of Director have approved the investment of approximately RMB 2.021 billion (US$ 286 million) in the construction of a 5GW mono module plant in Zhangzhou, China, dubbed Luzhou Phase II. The project is expected to take around 15 months to complete.

The solar company also approved another 5GW mono module plant in Xianyang, China in the Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The capital expenditure and working capital for the solar energy project is expected to be in the region of RMB 1.839 billion (US$ 269.2 million) and take around 15 months to complete.

The third planned investment relates to a new 5GW mono solar cell plant to be located in Xi'an Xincheng City, China at a cost of approximately RMB 2.462 billion (US$ 348.4 million). The solar power project is expected to take around 24 months, according to LONGi. 

LONGi did not disclose in documents when the solar energy projects were expected to start construction and be completed. 

The solar company has already announced separate plans to take cumulative PV module nameplate solar energy capacity to 23GW in 2020. 

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