Boy & Girls Club Goes Solar

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Manchester’s Boys & Girls club transitioned to solar energy. Revision Energy installed 408 solar panels on three rooftops, at the Union Street Clubhouse in Manchester, New Hampshire. The solar panel installations are going to produce close to 150,000 kilo-watt-hours of solar electricity a year.

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The Boys & Girls Club of Manchester has transitioned to solar energy. ReVision Energy installed 408 solar panels this summer on three rooftops, at the Union Street Clubhouse (81.3 kW) in Manchester, New Hampshire, and the Pool House and Stebbins Family Hall buildings at Camp Foster in Bedford (49.3 kW).

Collectively, the arrays will produce close to 150,000 kilowatt-hours of solar electricity per year.

The solar power projects were financed by impact partners through a power purchase agreement with the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester. The power purchase agreement allows the nonprofit to access solar power at no upfront cost and lock in electricity costs while reducing its carbon footprint and enabling the impact partners to make community investments that align with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The agreement includes a buyout clause after 5 years. The projects are expected to save $845,000 over the life of the solar-powered systems if the nonprofit exercises a future purchase option.

“This transition to solar makes sense for the future of our club and will help to significantly reduce operating costs. More importantly, it’s a great opportunity for our kids to learn about the importance of sustainable energy,” said Diane Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester.

The organization is in the midst of a capital campaign to raise $5.85 million to fund renovations at Camp Foster and an addition at the Union Street Clubhouse in order to serve more kids.

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