Solar Water Farms Are Helping Confront the Global Water Crisis

Yahoo FinanceJuly 9, 2019841


Solar powered systems are providing more than just solar energy to houses. GivePower, a non-profit organization is providing solar energy solutions to help alleviate the global water crisis by delivering clean water to those who need it most. 844 million people globally lack access to clean drinking water, and give power is installing mass solar water farms to help provide these areas with clean water.

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GivePower, a non-profit organization that provides solar energy solutions to developing regions, today announced its mission to alleviate the global water crisis by delivering clean, sustainable and affordable water to people who need it most. Powered entirely by solar energy, GivePower’s desalination systems are housed in 20 foot shipping containers and capable of transforming 75,000 litres of brackish and/or seawater into clean, drinkable water every day.

844 million people across the globe lack access to clean drinking water and among them are more than 300,000 children who die every year due to water-born diseases. 2 billion people currently live in water-scarce regions and as many as 3.5 billion could experience water scarcity by 2025. After deploying more than 2,650 solar-powered energy systems to schools, medical clinics and villages in 17 developing countries, GivePower is focusing its efforts on the most critical use case of sustainable energy: reliable access to clean water.

GivePower’s first solar water farm installation was recently completed in Kiunga, Kenya, a small fishing community located a few miles south of the Somalian border. The region has suffered from extreme drought for years, forcing the villagers to drink, cook and bathe in brackish water filled with contaminates and parasites, poisoning their bodies. Leveraging Kiunga’s coastal setting, the GivePower solar water farm filtrates and desalinates the region’s brackish and salt water to produce enough clean, sustainable and affordable water for 25,000 people every day. At the cost of just $20 per person, the farm provides 20 years of access to clean water and is stimulating the local economy.

“Humanity needs to take swift action to address the increasingly severe global water crisis that faces the developing world,” said Hayes Barnard, Founder and President of GivePower. “With our background in off-grid clean energy, GivePower can immediately help by deploying solar water farm solutions to save lives in areas throughout the world that suffer from prolonged water scarcity.” 

Unlike most ground well systems, GivePower solar water farms produce a higher quality of water over a longer period of time with no negative environmental impact. In addition to Kiunga, GivePower is actively researching four additional locations to deploy its solar water farm technology within the next 12 months.

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