Keep Your Summer Nights Lit

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Solar Lights for Your Home

With Summer approaching quickly the days will not only get longer, but the nights get warm and more people choose to spend more time outside at night, barbecuing, playing games or just enjoying the night air.

One way to help make the most of summer nights is solar lights. Solar lights can help light up your yard. Solar lights capture the sun’s energy and converts it to power to provide light so you can enjoy your summer nights to the fullest.   

How It Works

There are a few different solar lights that are available for homeowners. You can get lawn lights, string lights and many others. The way the solar lights work is sort of like a miniature version of rooftop solar system, but there is a very important distinction, the solar lights must come with a battery system.

In the daylight, the sun will shine and the solar cells that are attached to the light will generate the electricity and it will then store the captured energy in a battery system. The majority of solar lights will come with a darkness sensor so when night times comes, the lights will automatically turn on and they’ll begin using their stored electricity. A lot of solar lights have their solar cells built right into the same unit as the light itself, but there are some lights that will separate from the solar panel that’s providing power to it.

Most of the solar lights that are on the market today are LED lights that only use a minimal amount of electricity. This is because many solar lights that can run for a full night, perhaps even longer. Most solar lighting systems will have a nightly run time rating, which indicates how long you can expect lighting which given a certain amount of sun exposure.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that these run times will all vary a significant amount from the actual lighting time you get from your solar lights, as there are factors like shading, the geographical location of the solar panels and cloud cover will all impact how much sun the attached solar cells can convert to electricity.

Types Of Solar Lights

There’s a few different types of solar lighting objects. The kinds of types and applications will depend on the homeowners choice.

A way to use the solar lights is to light up paths and agriculture. There are many solar garden lights that are on the small scale and are easy to install. To install the the garden light all you have to do is bury the pointed end in the ground space where the sun will hit. It’s important to be aware of where you are planting the solar lights and how close they are to the plants or shade, this way your lights will be exposed to enough solar energy during the day this way you’ll keep your property lit up at night.   

Solar garden, lawn and path lights are relatively low-cost products; they will typically cost anywhere between $5 and $20 per light, it all really depends on the quality. The products like GOBULB 4-pack and the GIGALUMI 6-pact are good examples of the kinds of garden lights that are on the market today.

Solar String Lights

A popular solar light option is solar Christmas light string. These kinds of lights differ from garden lights, which are products that will often come with a separate unit to house detached solar cells.

Solar Christmas lights look like a normal set of holiday string lights, except instead of attaching it to an extension cord, they hook up to a small solar panel that can be placed in a solar panel into a sunny spot and charge its battery during the day.

The string lights are more expensive upfront than traditional string lights, but you’ll end up saving money over time by not using electricity from the grid. If you’re interested in getting solar string lights, you can expect to pay between $10 and $30 for standard set of solar Christmas string lights.

Solar Flood Lights

These solar lights can be used as security lighting around your property. Solar flood lights will often come with a larger solar panel than solar garden lights in order to power a more powerful LED light. In addition, solar flood lights will typically have a motion sensor attached so that the light will only turn on when someone is approaching. A common use for solar flood lighting setups security lights near a front door garage.  

If you buy a solar flood light it will cost more than solar garden lights, as flood ligths are a lot more powerful and require a stronger solar setup. There’s products like the JPLSK outdoor flood light and the LEPOWER outdoor security light are the solar lights you’ll most likely come across if you’re shopping for solar flood lights.

Solar Street Lights

Depending on the area that you live in, or the places that you’ve visited, you may have seen solar panels that are mounted on light poles. These solar panels are on the smaller scale so the can fit onto a street light. The solar street lights that are a way for municipalities to save money and time on public lighting setups. Solar street lights provide a lot of benefits, which include very little to no maintenance needs, there’s no operating costs and there’s a very low risk of accidents.

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