Is summer a better time to install solar panels?

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The way solar energy works is simple: the solar panels turn sunlight into electricity, wires on the panel run to an inverter, which turns that DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) that your appliances can use.

Thus, sunnier days will generate more electricity than cloudy ones. 

So, does this mean that summer is a better time to install solar panels?

Advantages of a summer solar installation

In actuality, any time of the year is favorable for the installation of a home solar energy system. But there are some advantages to putting a domestic solar power system at this time of the year.

For one, you’ll probably see a lot more of these projects going up now and in the latter half of this year from homeowners trying to take full advantage of the 30% federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) before it goes down to 26% next year, and 22% in 2021 before going away for good. Commercial projects will still get a 10% credit after that.

Also, from permits to required inspections, the timeline for the installation of solar panels can easily extend into weeks or even months during the peak installation seasons. It takes an average of 35 days (or more, depending on the jurisdiction) from the moment you sign a contract with a solar installer company before the photovoltaic (PV) modules go up on your roof and you get permission from your utility company to turn them on. That means if you wait until summer to start the process, you might not have functioning solar panels on your roof until summer is nearly over.

Utility companies will need to send someone to inspect and approve a PV system once it's installed. Since summer is a busy time when most people begin signing contracts, you might encounter delays with your utility company

The other reason why summer is the best time for the installation of solar panels is that this is peak energy generation season.

This is thanks to longer average days, which means more sunlight for your panels to turn into free electricity. That means your domestic solar power system will be generating the maximum amount of power, often much more than you can utilize in your home, so you will have more extra electricity to send to the grid. That’s extra credits you can bank against the power you get from the grid at night. 

And summer is also the time of the year for maximum electricity consumption, so your panels will be able to offset a lot more of the energy you use, meaning you’ll have bigger savings. 

With children home from school and a number of special occasions on the calendar (Independence Day, Labor Day, a vacation) general electricity usage will be on the rise, due to an increase in cooking, festivities and socializing.

By installing solar panels now rather than wait later, you can offset some or all of the costs you might end up paying for electricity this summer and beyond.

To find the appropriate size of solar array for your home or business, simply access the Hahasmart price checker. Provide your address and monthly electric costs and you will get an estimated price of the panels and inverter - the most expensive parts of a solar energy system. They’ll also provide you with an estimate for the cost of installation based on thousands of completed solar projects in your area. All you have to do is provide your address and your average monthly utility bill.

They’ll even provide you with an estimated buyback period, the point where the electricity savings cover the purchase of your residential solar panels and your system becomes free.In addition, they’ll connect you with their installer network to get your residence equipped with solar power as possible.  

Do hotter days mean more energy production?

But contrary to what you may think, it’s not hotter weather that means more power for your home. 

The opposite, actually. Experts say solar panels perform better in colder temperatures. It matters less if it’s 110 degrees or 35 degrees outside, the important thing is the amount of light.

In fact, solar panels decrease their output the hotter they get, but you often don’t notice this because that drop obviously occurs in summer, when it’s balanced by more hours of sunshine. On the other side, winter days are shorter, but solar panels collect energy more efficiently.  

If you’re still wondering about the best time for your solar panel installation, the truth is that the best time to get solar panels is whenever is right for you.

Just make sure you have the time, focus, and funds to dedicate to your solar installation so you don’t run into problems or stress yourself out in the process. Yes, despite the drop in the costs for solar panels and other equipment, it is still a big investment initially, one that may make you cringe a little, but the savings and return on investment you’ll get from it will last you this summer and for 25+ years more. 

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