The Benefits and Uses of a Solar Powered Water Purifier

Ashleigh AngellSeptember 18, 20183610

The Benefits and Uses of a Solar Powered Water Purifier

Have you ever gone hiking and realized you didn’t have as much water as you realized? Or thought about what would happen if you got lost on that hiking trip and what you would do? Or maybe you’ve had nightmares about getting stranded in the middle of the ocean with no clean drinking water. While we here in the United States may not often consider the issue of not having necessary water, many countries deal with a lack of drinking water. Whether you’ve gotten lost in the woods or are wondering what we can do to help others in need of clean drinking water, the development of solar energy has a solution: solar water purifiers.

How a Solar Powered Water Purifier Works

Like solar panels, a solar powered water purifier collects energy from the sunlight in a bin to raise the temperature of the water. Doing this causes the water to vaporize, which is a step used to get rid of the contaminants that make the water unsafe to drink. The water then goes through its natural life cycle, becoming condensation in the bin. The water drops then collect inside, creating a natural storage of the water. After the condensation stage of its life cycle is complete, the water drops are placed in a clean bin where we are able to serve clean drinking water.

Using Solar Water Purifiers for Hiking or Camping

While many water purifiers require chemicals, solar water purifiers don’t, making them ideal for those who are out hiking or camping and who don’t need additional irritants pumped into their bodies. Portable water purifiers for this kind of activity use the UV rays from the sun to kill microbes and pathogens, thus making them ideal for those who are accessing their water through rivers and creeks in the wilderness. They are also small, increasing their benefit to those using them for hiking and camping trips.

Purifying Water at Home

Water purifiers can even be installed right in your backyard. These units trap contaminated water in trays while the sunshine heats them up to run the water through its natural life cycle while killing the contaminates. If you have bad-tasting water at home and are wasting money on bottled water, this will not only help save you on money, but will also work to decrease bottled water that is filling up our oceans and landfills.

How We Can Help Give Water to Those Who Need It

Using portable water purifying systems, those in need of clean drinking water can get water from any source such as a river or lake and place them in the system. With the system, they are able to purify up to 100 gallons a day, making it a valuable and life saving tool for those who have no access to clean drinking water.There is also specific sun-powered systems that are able to cleanse water from the oceans that contain more toxic materials, such as minerals or heavy metals. Because these systems are low maintenance and are able to resist corrosion, they are ideal for people in isolated areas who don’t often get assistance from outside help.

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