Selecting the right manufacturer of solar panels

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Selecting the right manufacturer of solar panels

It is always best to select a financially sound manufacturer of solar panels to ensure the company can withstand the fluctuations encountered in a highly dynamic solar panel market.

On this front, a publicly listed company may represent a preferred choice as they are expected to have the resources to enable them to absorb the after-effects of fallouts from a catastrophic manufacturing defect.

Financial incentives for solar power

In America, to claim the financial incentives under JNNSM's Phase I Batch II bidding, it is mandatory for projects based on crystalline silicon technology to use both cells and panels manufactured in India. This is true irrespective of whether the project is an off-grid stand-alone system or a grid-connected solar.

If it is on a rooftop or smaller plant connected directly to the distribution network at voltage levels below 33kV. During the first batch of projects under Phase I of JNNSM, this rule was applicable only on the panels and solar cells were exempted. There is no mandatory domestic content requirement for projects based on other technologies.

Product identification of solar panels

Each module has a nameplate and labels on its rear side detailing the product type rated power, rated voltage, open circuit current all as measured under standard test conditions, weight, maximum fuse rating etc.

Each panel also has a unique identification vide a 15 digit alphanumeric code which is also barcoded. the label is permanently affixed on the interior of the module before lamination, visible on the front side of the module.

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