How Much Can A Solar System Cost?

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How Much Can A Solar System Cost?

Often we want to learn how to make the best decisions about how to go solar.  There is a lot to consider when one is weighing all of the possible ways money can get spent, and money can get saved, or even made.  Let's explore this deeper. 

Several times it is a combination of energy conservation improvement(s) and solar.  This is quite a diverse approach from many "solar electric companies".  How?  Because preservation steps may “cut into” (even if for a concise time) some of your budget that might contrarily have been spent on them installing (more) solar.  But we are so completely committed to doing what’s right in this regard, that if by taking a “whole house approach” in regulating your possible solar results in the completion that doing some simple and practical things first implies a bit less solar now, that's what we'll recommend; because it makes your total investment bring even more significant and longer-lasting bonuses.  And, with you requiring much less energy than before a solar installation can produce an even larger share (possibly all :) of your needed power supply!

How Much Will Solar Cost?

That said, you needed to know how much solar might fetch. Solar panels themselves have come down in cost significantly over the last 4 years, and now seem to be stabilizing at the $0.60 - $1.00 per watt (retail, pre-tax & shipping) range.  The comprehensive range you see there though merely is due to panel kinds (particularly at the lower-cost end) having different power output consistency, lifespan expectancy, and overall production. A typical, individual panel that you might install on your roof would today be considered for between 250 and 350 watts of peak output total and therefore will cost anywhere from $150 (lower wattage & grade) to $350 (larger wattage & grade) individual, or such. 

A comprehensive solar power system also requires several other components, such as inverters, cabling, junction boxes and safety switches, and will, of course, have its installation expense. The total installed price of a residential solar electric system is typically in the scale of $3 - $5 per watt of rated DC power. This price range is again due to the variety and quality (grade & source) of materials, size of the system (smaller systems fetch more on a $ per-watt installed basis than larger ones) as well as the complexity that might be present at a particular installation locality.

Quality Is Job #1 For Solar

Quality, form and the site’s ease (or difficulty) of installation present a part in determining the cost and is all the more incentive to consult with the solar experts of HahaSmart. Don’t forget, too: Federal tax credits of 30% of the entire installed price of the system, plus any local utility discounts that may apply to your aid to defray any initial investment significantly.  

Just make sure, and promise us here at HahaSmart you will have a look at what we can offer you on the cost of solar panels and cost of solar installations. We will strive to find you the best prices available. Follow the solar experts. Try our price checker tool. It tells you how much solar power you need and how much you can save on your energy bills each month.

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