City of Forth Worth - Green Building Policy for Municipal Buildings

Last updated: February 03, 2020

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Local
Category:Regulatory Policy
Incentive Type:Energy Standards for Public Buildings
Web Site:
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building
Energy Reduction Goal/Requirement:Goal: Electricity consumption reduction of five percent each fiscal year for seven years beginning in 2019
Green Building Requirement:New City buildings and major renovations should be LEED Silver or better
Renewable Energy Requirement:Purchase a percentage of energy from a renewable source


Name:Resolution No. 4130-09-2012
Date Enacted:09/18/2012


City of Forth Worth - Green Building Policy for Municipal Buildings

Energy Conservation Goals

The City of Fort Worth adopted a goal to reduce its electricity consumption by 5% each fiscal year for 10 years beginning in 2011 in reaction to Texas S.B. 898, which required political subdivisions in non-attainment areas of the federal Clean Air Act standards to establish such a goal. Under the provisions of S.B. 898, Fort Worth filed an annual energy consumption goal compliance report with the State Energy Conservation Office. In 2019, S.B. 241 extended the timeline for local governments to reduce electric consumption (seven years beginning in 2019).

Municipal Building Policies

The Fort Worth City Council appointed a Sustainability Task Force to investigate ways to ensure city infrastructure and resources can keep pace with growth. The Task Force created a three-phase action plan that details sustainability initiatives it seeks to advance. Results of each of the three phases are given in presentations that are available on the City of Fort Worth's website.

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