Philadelphia Gas Works- Commercial and Industrial Efficient Building Grant Program

Last updated: June 19, 2020

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Utility
Category:Financial Incentive
Incentive Type:Grant Program
Web Site:
Start Date:09/01/2011
Expiration Date:08/31/2016
Incentive Amount:Up to $75,000 calculated based on the retrofit project cost.


Philadelphia Gas Works- Commercial and Industrial Efficient Building Grant Program

Philadelphia Gas Works' (PGW) Commercial and Industrial Efficient Building Grant Program is part of PGW's EnergySense program. This program offers incentives up to $75,000 for multifamily, commercial and industrial customers making natural gas conservation improvements to existing buildings. Funding is first-come, first-served, though preference is given to projects that contain comprehensive energy-efficiency upgrades, and utilize the highest efficiency equipment commercially available. Customers must complete and submit an initial Incentive Application outlining the scope of a proposed project. The proposal will undergo a Technical Assessment and on-site energy assessment if a project meets preliminary criteria. 

Pre-application is required, and the customers must be on a PGW firm rate. Multi-family property owners are encouraged to apply as well. Major rehabilitation projects and new construction is not eligible for this program, but may be eligible for other PGW incentives. Contact PGW for more information on this program or visit

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