Solar Panels Vs. Fossil Fuels: Which One is Best?

Jessica PirroSeptember 14, 20201851

Solar Panels Vs. Fossil Fuels: Which One is Best?

If you’re interested in installing a solar power system you will probably hear about all of the ways that solar panels are going to benefit you, but how does it match up against fossil fuels?

What Are Fossil Fuels?

The dictionary defines fossil fuels as natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. There are four kinds of fossil fuels, petroleum, coal, natural gas, and Orimulsion.  

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is defined as radiant energy emitted from the sun. We can use solar energy to power our homes through solar panels. Because solar energy is emitted from the sun, we aren’t going to run out of the sunlight anytime soon, meaning we aren’t going to run out of solar power anytime soon.

The Cost of Solar and the Cost Fossil Fuels: Which is Cheaper?

When it comes to comparing the cost of solar panels to the cost of fossil fuels, things are going to be more complicated than most people think. The government subsidies are going to play a huge role in shaping the potential for a new source of power, which means that it won’t be a direct comparison to the cost of solar power and the cost of fossil fuels.

Can Solar Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

Most people wonder if solar energy will ever be able to replace fossil fuels. Often a lot of people wonder if fossil fuels will ever be able to fully be replaced by solar power. When it comes to both solar power and fossil fuels, they both have pros and cons. We have become extremely reliant on fossil fuels. Our cars are a prime example of how reliant we have become. When we are driving, all we need to worry about is finding a gas station. But, if you have an electric car, you are going to need to worry about a little more than that. You are going to need to do a little planning with both an electrical car, and getting a solar panel installation. When you get a solar panel installation, you are going to need to make a few adjustments in your energy habits. A homeowner can install a solar battery alongside their solar panel installation to ensure that you are going to be able to continue using the solar power that your solar power system generates all-day long. But there are different ways that you can store solar energy without adding a solar battery to your solar panel installation. Without energy storage capabilities, you can still send the excess solar power back to them for another source of energy storage. However, due to technological improvements, the cost of solar panels has decreased by over 70% in the past 10 years.

Although there are going to be certain people who don’t think the cost of solar panels is going to be that much in general, they are becoming more affordable. It is expected that fossil fuels are going to become more and more expensive in the coming years as they become more and more depleted.

Carbon Emissions

When it comes to carbon emissions, most people aren’t going to be shocked that fossil fuels produce them. An issue with carbon emissions (CO2) is that it gets trapped in the atmosphere that causes the Earth to retain a lot more heat. When it comes to retaining more hear it is going to lead to climate change and it will change the normal weather patterns that are eventually going to lead to climate change and will change the normal weather patterns that are going to be seen across the world, and make the weather even more sudden and severe.

Top scientists studying climate change have been aware of these issues for a long time, it is going to be more recently that people start taking notice of them.

However, the solar panels are going to be a lot different than fossil fuels, and they aren’t going to produce carbon dioxide, nor will they pollute the air, and they have a very minimal effect on our environment. If we want to reduce our carbon emissions, the most simple way of doing so is switching from fossil fuels to solar panels.  

Long-Term Availability 

When it comes to renewable energy, solar energy is one of the most well-known sources. But what most people don’t realize is, we aren’t going to run out of sunlight. Meaning when we use all of Earth’s fossil fuels, that’s it, we are done and there isn’t anything we can do to get them back. Well technically, they will replenish themselves, however, it will take quite some time to do so. But the time that fossil fuels are going to replenish themselves, it will be too late for us to use them.

Then there will also be the issue in terms of access. There will also be the possibility that in the future, the only remaining fossil fuels left will be in places that aren’t accessible or expensive to access.

But solar power will be an energy option as long as we are still going to have access to direct sunlight. While fossil fuels will disappear, the sun will be going around forever. While the technology for solar panels continues to improve, the ability we have to capture the sunlight will convert it to solar power.

The Overall Winner: Solar Power

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