The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Ashleigh AngellNovember 1, 201813520

The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

When making the switch to solar, it’s important to be fully informed about what you’re investing in, and that includes both the pros and cons. While we’d love to focus on all the amazing benefits solar can offer, it’s a huge investment, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. There’s tons of pros and cons of going solar, but here, we’ll be focusing on the top three of both.

Pro: The savings on electric bills.

The number one reason people are now going solar is because of the savings they can get. In places like California and Hawaii, where electricity rates are especially high, these savings are especially amazing. While some people argue that the cost to install solar counteracts those savings, that’s actually not true. Over time, the return on investment will mean the amount you save on electric bills will be much greater than your initial installation costs, and you could pay off your system in as little as seven years.

On top of that, because of net metering, you could actually end up making money by selling your excess energy back to your utility company.

Con: Some roofs aren’t ideal for solar.

Not all roofs are actually good fits for solar. Some roofs deal with too much shading, are oriented in the wrong direction or have obstructions. And some roofs are old and need to be completely replaced.

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And keep in mind that just because your roof isn’t good for solar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go solar. Ground-mounted systems are the ideal option if that’s your situation, but they are slightly more expensive.

Pro: Solar is great for the environment.

Aside from the savings, the environmental benefits are the other most common reason people make the switch to solar. Solar energy does not produce any pollution. Fossil fuels are a limited resource and solar is renewable. And solar energy is perhaps the greatest tool we currently have for fighting the scary effects of climate change.

Con: It could take some time to install solar.

If you’ve become convinced and want to make the switch to solar right away, don’t get too excited. Solar panels take some time to get up and running. You’ll need permits and a city inspection. You might need approval from your homeowners' association depending on where you live. After the paperwork is done, you’ll need to research and find a solar company, figure out how to set it up on your roof, and then wait a few days for the installation to finish.

Pro: Solar provides energy independence.

Solar allows you to not feel like you’re at the mercy of your utility company. You are the one generating your energy, and you decide how much you’ll want to generate and whether or not you’ll want any of it to come from your utility company.

Con: Solar is a long-term commitment.

When you invest in solar, you’re investing in a 25-40 year commitment. However, the plus side to this is that you’re also increasing the value of your home. In other words, if you pay off your system in seven years and then decide you want to sell your home, the value of your home could increase by as much as $15,000.

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